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This is Ojima Abalaka.

She is a Nigerian law student and an illustrator as well.

Image: For Creative Girls


Ojima ventured into illustration simply because she wanted images to illustrate some of the concepts she was blogging about at the time. 

Empty. 1/31

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Over time, she developed a deep appreciation for illustrations and illustrators and just decided to keep practising.

"Should we keks up?" Conversations with my brother on how to get from point A to B. 15/31

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In August, Ojima decided to try illustrating a day for the entire month and it was the most beautiful thing to look at.

Friends. 2/31 It's always fascinating to see how far I depart from my original concepts.

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For her, the challenge was pretty much to make herself practice daily and improve her drawing skills and making it available on social media page was holding herself accountable for it.

Swim. 6/31

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She is influenced by many things and people but in every work by Ojima, there is an overall minimalistic theme which we love so much.

"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Insomniac. Abuja, 2017." Literally drew myself…to sleep. 12/31

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Ojima loves illustrating silly and absurd things and does a little dance when she does something she really likes (which we’re guessing is most of the time)

Fro with the coat. 13/31

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You can view the take a look at the illustrations she came up with for every day in August, some of which are in this post right now.

Mirror 24/31

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And follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more.

Sigh. 20/31

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