Our elders used proverbs (wise sayings) to talk to us, mostly to warn us about the consequences of our actions. 

Some of these sayings needed decoding as the words used were very deep and sometimes very vulgar for younger ears to understand right away.

We’ve done all the work for you. Here are some very explicit wise sayings our elders used, what they mean and when to use them.

1. Ewww! ??

Loosely translated as: Don’t joke with farts if you don’t have enough hair in your anus to cushion it.

When it’s used: When someone takes on a task bigger than them or an expensive risk.



2. Ouch! ? ?

Loosely Translated As: You don’t step on a fool’s testicles twice

When it’s used: More like once bitten, twice shy or a word to the wise is enough



3. ? ?

Loosely translated as: Whilst you’re being advised, instead of paying attention, you’re rather squeezing your balls.

When it’s used: It is used when you are advising or giving someone tips and they are acting like they have all the answers or they’re beyond the advice.



4. Ei! ? ?

Loosely translated as: The hater has a big vagina

When it’s used: It is used when one is facing lot of difficulties or lose someone/something precious. This saying is used to say the “hater/enemy” is strong enough to make such calamity befall them since most Ghanaians blame others for their troubles.



5. ? ?

Loosely translated as: Simply means when women hold their breasts when running, it’s only for beautification purposes and not that they’ll fall.

When it’s used: This is used when one is genuinely trying to help but misinterpreted as poking their nose in others affairs.



6. Lawd have mercy! ?

Loosely translated as: A child can play with his mother’s breasts but not his father’s penis

When it’s used: This is used to tell the difference between friendly and unfriendly people, usually mothers and fathers since most African fathers show very little emotion or men and women since women are mostly affectionate than men.



7. ? Indeed!

Loosely translated as: If you’re experienced sexually, you cannot be experienced than your in-law, since he/she gave birth to your sexual partner.

When it’s used: In the Ghanaian culture, adults are considered wiser above all, so this saying is used by adults to simply mean “experience is the best teacher”.



8. ? We just can’t deal

Loosely translated as: We cannot afford ginger for the anus of an elephant.

When it’s used: It is usually used when demand is higher than supply. Grounded ginger is smeared on a child’s anus in the Ghanaian culture as punishment and sometimes as treatment (medicine) to some ailments.



9. ? ? ?

Loosely translated as: If you rush vaginal sex, you’ll end up having anal sex.

When it’s used: It’s used to mean, you’ll always get it wrong, if you rush things.



10. ? ? This is too much

Loosely translated as: If you give your husband a hand job and he gets an erection, it’ll end up in your vagina.

When it’s used: It is used when one is not being truthful about a situation but the repercussions affect none but him/her.



11. ? ?

Loosely translated as: A sore in one’s anus causes one’s eyes to bulge out

When it’s used: It is used as a caution when one is being provoked. This saying is used to say, we can predict the person being provoked’s next action when the last straw is drawn.



Intriguing huh? What’s the nastiest local saying you’ve ever heard? Let us know the comment box below. You may want to see here ridiculous quotes by counsellor Lutterodt about relationships.