Mzungu Falls In Love & Marries Illiterate Bukusu Boda Boda Rider…Power Of The D?

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When popular masculinity tweep Amerix told men that they are actually the Prize and should start walking with their heads held high knowing quality women will notice the gem in them, one man in Bumula got the memo.

The Boda Boda rider probably does not even have a smartphone and has confessed he is not adept in either English or Swahili – only good at his native Bukusu language but he won the heart of an American woman- an evangelist at that.

Carey Joy, 35, has nothing but absolute love for her 28-year-old beau- Albert Wanyonyi who has taken his wife’s name and prefers to hitherto be referred to as Albert Joy.

Albert saw and fell in love with Joy when they met in a church started in 2017 in his village with the help of her parents.

“But it was hard to express my feelings for her due to the language barrier. I could not speak Kiswahili or English and she did not understand our Bukusu dialect.”

Despite falling in love after seeing her for the first time, he couldn’t muster the courage to speak to her until three months later. Joy arrived in the country in June 2018 and was received in Nairobi by one of the ministry’s bishops who happens to be Albert’s elder brother.

Joy told The Standard:

“God spoke to me while praying and told me Albert would be my future husband. I did not know that would happen. He could not speak English and I could not attempt speaking Kiswahili or Bukusu languages,”

According to her, God would enable Albert to speak English while they were praying in church.

“I was shocked to hear him speak English after the prayers; he even brought me flowers and that is when I knew God had kept his word,” she says.

Albert corroborates his wife’s story:

“When I told her ‘I love you, she appeared shocked and excited at the same time. She embraced me and confided that it was something she had been waiting for,” says Albert.

The couple has been living together as man and wife since they tied the knot at a little chapel in Bumula on October 27, 2018.
There were people who claimed Joy was pregnant and just wanted Albert to take responsibility.

“They were wrong. I had to wait for at least four months after our wedding before I conceived to prove them wrong,” says Joy.

Other prominent Bukusu sons who have white wives include the late Michael Kijana Wamalwa, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, and Dr. Noah Wekesa, who also married white women.

“We lived in a one-bedroom mud-walled house, there was no electricity and good amenities like I was used to in California, but I am used to a simple life,” Joy says.

The couple has managed to secure a second motorcycle on a loan that will bring in extra cash, according to Joy.

She adds: “We also plan to rear chicken as a business to complement our income.”

Joy spends her time learning how to prepare local dishes: “He likes ugali with chicken and detests rice. I also enjoy preparing and eating managu and kunde prepared with mushelekha (local salt).”

The lovebirds have no plans of relocating from the village because she has gotten used to the life there.

“I have learned several Bukusu words and I can comfortably interact with people, especially women, although many are shy to visit my home because they cannot speak English,” says Joy.

Source: KahawaTungu

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