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Kyinkyinga is one of Ghana’s dishes on a stick and when “boys boys” meet over drinks, kyinkyinga comes to play.

What really makes it stand out is the spice and we can confidently say, it is far better than a steak. You want to bet?

Check out theseย 14 mouthwatering pictures of kyinkyinga.

1. Properly served.


2. You’re invited.


3. Alongside some kenkey.


4. The traditional way.


5. Forget chicken nuggets, this is life.


6. You say wetin?


7. Garnished.


8. Dang! That looks more than delicious.


9. Heaven in a bowl.


10. Omg!! What else could be better.

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11. Say no more.


12. This is an “organization”.


13. This will make you scream, “Halleluyah”.


14. Mama Mia!! You’re covered.

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