Marriage Counselor Advice Women “Don’t Give Your Man Money, It Will Make Him Lazy”

A marriage counsellor has cautioned women against giving money to their partners because it will make the men lazy.

According to the Ugandan counselor identified as Zaituni Kakyama, even if a woman can afford to help her partner financially, she should not do so.

Marriage Counselor advice women

She gave the controversial advice while speaking on NTV Uganda, where she asserted that men find it difficult to be faithful to their wives because they are not wired to stay in one place.

“Whether she gets more money than he does, he has to take care of his wife and family as a head,” she said, as quoted by

In her view, unlike men, God created women to be in the habit of wanting more than they need, especially clothes and shoes, so that men will be compelled to be constantly working and not get lazy.

Kakyama urged men to let women consume their money so that they could continue working harder for more.

She even went further to share her personal story, saying:

“I don’t give my man money because when I do, that leads to his destruction when he gets into the comfort zone of being given.”

She further warned women to do things in moderation when they are in love with their partners, so that if the relationship goes bad, they will not be too heartbroken.

She also lamented that some men have the wrong notion that all women want is food, cars, and the like, so they don’t go the extra mile to make their women happy.

“You find women from such marriages saying their men don’t love them. Remember how you convinced that woman to marry you, small things matter.”

Regardless of the controversial advice, Kakyama entreated women to kill their egos no matter how accomplished they are, and stay faithful and respectful to their husbands.


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