Life is good till you get to face some of these situations, that’s when you know how bitter life can be.

Have you been in any of these situations?

1. When the person interviewing you at your new job is the same guy you insulted in traffic. 


2. When you tell your friend “your mama!” and turn around to see his or her mum staring at you.


3. When Mosquito lands on your father’s bald head and you try to kill it with your bare hands.


4. When you’re on a bus and you throw away a ¢50 note instead of your yoghurt rubber


5. When your dad works at ECG and there’s light off and you shout God punish ECG ….and he’s there with you.


6. When you are in a taxi and the driver is chatting on WhatsApp.


7. When you finish eating in a restaurant and you find out your wallet fell out in a taxi…

8. When Usain Bolt chases you with a Cutlass


9. When you give a beggar ¢50 note instead of ¢5.


10. When you sit in between two fat women in a troski

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