Image: Cavendish

You must have heard women talk about being apple, pear-shaped amidst others.

Well, there’s something for the men folk too. According to health experts in the UK, men typically fall under one of five different male body shapes – after they studied the curves of some of the world’s best-known male celebrities

And so the big question is where do you fall? Well, here are the five body types with popular celebrities to help illustrate.

1. Inverted Triangle

This is where the upper half of the body has broad shoulder and carries excess muscle, and the shape noticeably tapers down to the waist, while the hips are noticeably smaller.

Image: Cavendish


2. Oval

The oval body type is the one which is defined by excess weight stored in the upper half of the body.

Image: Cavendish


3. Rectangle

This is one of the most common body shapes, and four in 10 guys have a rectangle figure. The torso is fairly flat, and there’s little change in shape or tapering once you reach the hips.

Image: Cavendish


4. Rhomboid

It differs slightly from the rectangle in that the shoulders are more well-built, meaning they protrude slightly in comparison to the hips.

Image: Cavendish


5. Triangle

This is the third most-common body shape, typified by carrying a little excess weight around the middle.

Image: Cavendish


So where are you? Or you can’t find your body type?