“Mashke” is a local dish made out of Fante Kenkey and the name is short of “mashed kenkey“.

The kenkey is made of fermented maize wrapped in dried plantain leaves and this food can last for days and it wouldn’t ferment so long as it is in its wrapped leaves. You can follow the recipe here to know how it is done and besides the food tasting so good, it also comes with a lot of benefits you probably don’t know. This is because the food is underrated and presumed to be for the poor but it is packed with a lot of health benefits that we are sure probably even most Ghanaians don’t know.

Here are 11 unique benefits of mashke you probably don’t know.

1. Medicinal 

The kenkey is medicinal and has been known to even cure some common ailments such as fever or malaria. The leaves used in covering the food is medicinal and so when used in covering the food, the contents of leaves sip into the kenkey. So when you eat it, not only do you get the satisfaction you need, it also gives you some medicinal contents.


2. Very Good For Lactating Mothers

When a woman is lactating or breastfeeding and she doesn’t have enough milk or her breasts are empty, all you need is to prepare some “mashke” with groundnuts for her and within some few minutes, she may not even be able to contain the breast milk that will pump up in her breasts.

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3. Helps In The Prevention Of Yeast Infections

Due to it’s fermenting preparation, these makes “mashke” probiotic and so it is good to take it when you have a yeast infection problem.


4. Nutritious

Contains a lot of nutritions such as carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibre, calories, potassium, Vitamin A etc.


5. Deeply Satisfying

The mixture is thick and very satisfying when consumed and can last for hours.


6. Vegetarian

A very good food for vegetarians.

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7. Good Source Of Alcohol

If you’re a teetotaler, this is your good source of alcohol if you need some in your body. Leaving the kenkey for months before using it increases the alcoholic content and one ball is equal to one bottle of Guinness.


8. Great Source Energy

Due to its high carbohydrate content, it is a good source of energy when consumed.


9. Helps Prevent Constipation

If you’re down with constipation, the best food to go for is “Mashke”, due to its high fibre content, it allows you to have free bowels.


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10. Helps Heart Function

The kenkey used in the preparation of “mashke” contains potassium which helps in boosting the heart in its function.

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11. Lowers The Risk Of Cancer

We know you’ve been corrupted to think kenkey gives cancer but it is quite the opposite. Kenkey rather helps fight cancer, this is because it contains Vitamin A, carotenoids. Which research has proven to proven it helps reduce the risk of cancer.

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