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To be a man nawa as the singer clearly stated.

Finding a woman is a hell of a deal sometimes but do you know a behaviour or character trait you exhibit can instantly make you unattractive to a woman?

This could be either a woman who is crushing on you and you want to make a move or someone you’re already dating. We gathered this from Facebook groupĀ Singles Diaries and needed to share with you guys.

Check out below, 16 things that’ll make you instantly unattractive to a woman.


1. Bad Breathe.

Mouth odor and discoloured teeth

Lady and guy

Photo: Intagram/ @pokagh


2. Body Odour.

Body and mouth odour, My greatest turn off



3. Someone Who Complains Too Much On A First Date.

A guy whom u met on a first date and keeps complaining bitterly about how bad ur road is and Claiming his car doesnt go through muddy roads, then parks somewhere f u to walk up to him. As if I work with roads n highways. Lol. Don’t complain too much on a first date. Keep ur comments to urself n wait at d appropriate time.

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4. Bad English.

Bad sentence construction/ subject verb agreement…

Nigerian English Meme

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5. Excessive Bragging.

When you start talking about what you have, greatest turn off.


6. Bad Dress Sense.

Improper outfit. Wearing a Lacoste tucked in a material trousers plus a canvass.

something new

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7. Bossiness.

meme brother

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8. When He Talks Bitterly About Ladies.

A man who talks about other ladies bitterly put me off completely

Taraji Henson face Na So Meme

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9. Lies.

A guy who brags and lies

I smell Lies meme

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10. When He Lays His Hands On A Woman.

A gentleman who likes beating ladies up. No matter where my love for you has gotten to, u can turn into a stranger to me even if tomorrow is our wedding day.

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11. Disrespect.

Disrespect to me is key


12. Womanising.

A womanizer! a total turn off… key soap… amansan boafo) amansan asanka kinda niggas!


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13. Smoking.

Smoking is not bad. But if u smoke dnt venture

smoking cigarette

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14. Arrogance.


Image- Giphy


15. Chewing Style.

The way he chews



16. Table Manners.

The one who eats and talk at the same time.

African Man Overeating

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There you have it guys, make sure you always have your A game on to nail and keep the object of your attraction.


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