Man Cries “I’m Still Paying The Loan I Took For Our Wedding, But She Wants Divorce After 1 Year”

While a young husband is still paying the loan he took to marry his wife, the woman he describes as an ingrate is seeking a divorce.

According to him, servicing the loan has put pressure on his finances, so he is unable to pamper his wife with gifts as often as he did before their marriage, but manages to discharge his responsibilities as the head of the home.


However, the wife is not willing to exercise patience with him to finish the lone payment, which he is doing alone, and wants to divorce him.

The man poured out his frustrations in a letter that was published on

Read his letter in full below:

“I got married a year and half ago and my wife already wants a divorce. Meanwhile, I am still paying for the loan I took to get married to her. Because of the loan I’m paying, our finances have been affected and I’m not able to provide her with everything she needs. My wife has not been patient with me at all and I am in tears as I am typing this because as a man it’s not easy to put your all into something and see it fall apart. I have done everything I can for this woman. When we were dating, I sacrificed so much for her even to the point that it was greatly affecting me. But because of love I was doing it.

“When we were going to get married, I told her we can do a simple wedding because of money issues but she got so pissed at me for even suggesting a simple marriage and because of that, we broke up for a few months and I had to go back and beg her because I really love her. So a friend of mine who also took a loan to do his wedding linked me and I went for some. But for my friend, his marriage is about five years now and it’s still standing. He has also been able to pay the loan, so it gave me hope. Now I can see that his wife was even helping him pay the loan and I should have factored that in.

“All my wife knows is to receive, receive, receive. So women, because God designed you to receive during s*x, you always want to receive in everything? Hmmm. My wife does not remember my birthday. But on her birthdays I buy gifts for her. I know for men, birthdays may not be a big deal, but it is nice for your woman to remember you and even wish you. She won’t do it. My wife is a hairdresser and fixes nails as well. When I met her, they were sacking her from the shop she was working and I found a better place for her and paid for her to get the place. Upon all I have done for her, she is saying I cannot take care of her and so she is divorcing me.

“I have been pleading with her to try and wait for a while. When I finish paying off our wedding loan, I will buy her more things and all the things she needs for her shop. The sad thing is that, she is working yet I give her everything she needs. I don’t know where the money she makes from work goes to. As an uber driver, I am trying very hard for us and even because of this whole situation, I have decided that we should wait a bit before we have a child because I don’t want to have a child in this kind of hardship. My wife is making me look like I can’t feed her, how much more an additional baby?

“What hurts me more is that my wife’s mother is fully supporting her to leave me. This woman was the same person who was praising me when I visit her with money and foodstuffs. My wife’s father is late and I spoke to her uncle who stepped in as a father during our wedding. The man knows how hard I am trying for his niece and told me that he will speak to her, but she doesn’t respect the old man and she didn’t take his advice. Now I am not done paying the loan, my car too has been giving me problems and my wife wants to divorce me. Sometimes I just sit down and I don’t know what to do again with my life because I feel so hopeless. I regret everything and I don’t even know which one I regret more, marrying this woman or the loan I have taken to please her,” the man wrote as published by

Meanwhile, many counselors have advised against taking loans to fund weddings because it is not financially prudent in the first place, and also puts pressure on young couples.


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