John Mahama + Farida = #DaddyGoals.

Farida is the ultimate definition of a daddy’s girl. Whether on the campaign trail, commissioning a project or just in chilling Farida is always by her daddy’s side.

1. When they sat on the bus together at the commissioning of the STC buses.


2. When they ate lunch together.


3. When they took a nice stroll through the yard.


4. When he fixed her hat at the 2016 Christmas party.

President Mahama and family celebrate Christmas in Bole


5. And she was in the booth by his side during the 2016 elections

President Mahama Votes in Bole in the Northern Region


6. She mounted the stage with dadddy when needed.

Greater Accra Regional Health walk


7. She was by his side during the NDC health walk in Accra.

Greater Accra Regional Health walk


8. And here.


9. When she wrote him this touching letter after the 2016 elections.


10. When he showed up at her school as a PROUD dad.


11. And enjoying the swing together.


12. Watching TV together.


13. Christmas party time.


14. Hey daddy, you know I love you right?

President John Mahama and his family spent the Easter weekend with the extended family and people of Bole in the Northern Region. Here, father and daughter (Farida) confer during the Easter Sunday church service at the Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Church in

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