17 Things We Love & Hate About Being Kenyan

Being Kenyan is a double-edged sword.

Sometimes we make headlines for all the right reasons; other times, not so much…

Here are things that we love and hate about being Kenyan:

1. We love rugby!

It’s the one sport that brings us all together.


2. We love our Tuskers in doubles, baridi tafadhali and some nyamachoma.


3. We can’t get enough of our beautiful country.

In doubt? Check #TembeaKenya.


4. We are afraid of change.

The same people ruling us have been in power since some of us were toddlers!

thinking gif

5. We are tribalists.

A subtle Facebook post can turn into a tribalistic war of words in seconds.

6. Sometimes we are proud of our leaders.

kenya rugby uhuru kenyatta

7. Other times, we just want them to disappear into Narnia and never return.

kenyan demonstrators

8. We truly come together when our country is in mourning.

vigils in kenya

9. We have accepted corruption as a part and parcel of our lives.

Everyday life involves some chai.

corruption in kenya

10. We are hardworking…a working nation they say.

hardworking kenyans

11. But our leaders let us down.


12. We used to care about the environment…

nairobi environment arboretum

13. These days, it’s a land of hawkers, garbage and floods.

flooding in nairobi kenya

14. We become the strongest battalion of online defenders when someone crosses us.

Ask CNN.

15. There’s a reason why Nairobi is called Nairoberry…and it’s no brainer.


16. But it’s still one of the most beautiful countries ever, loved by many people across the world.

couple married 38 times in 11 countries

17. And you can’t have the rainbow without a little rain.


Are you proud to be Kenyan?


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