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Danger is unpredictable and can come at any time but the question is, “will you be prepared?”.

Tips on surviving during dangerous moments is something that everybody should know but unfortunately, a lot of people are lost on it.

1. How To Survive A Falling Lift.

This is something we all pray against but should you find yourself in such a situation, try your possible best to stay calm. Don’t stand up straight or try to jump up, that will be deadly. Rather, lie flat on your back and stretch out your body as much as the booth will allow you to. Place one arm underneath your head to cushion the blow, then place the other arm over your face to protect your face and eyes from falling debris.


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2. Surviving A Sinking Car.

In case your car runs into a river or lake, as soon as the car hits the water, unfasten your seatbelt and roll down the window, climb out the window before the car becomes submerged. Don’t waste time trying to open the door because the water will cause the central lock to get stuck. If the windows won’t roll down, you need to break it and you need to do it at the corners. In case all fail, hold your breath and allow the car to get filled with water to the brim, then open the door, this time it’ll open. Now follow the direction of the bubbles from the car to swim up to safety.

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3. Surviving A Storm.

When there is heavy storm, it is advisable not to use a landline phone, touch taps, hide under trees, use an open umbrella, ride a bicycle or motorbike because these all conduct electricity and therefore you may be affected when thunder strikes. Also, do not attempt walking across a pool of running water because you may be washed away by the storm and never attempt retrieving a property being washed away.


4. Stroke.

When the person is under attack, ask them to smile, if the smile is distorted, that’s one sign, ask them to stick out their tongue, if it is crooked and twisting to one side, it is another sign. Speaking with difficulty is also a sign as well as being unable to raise their arms. If you see any of these signs, call an ambulance immediately or rush the person to the nearest hospital. They have just 3 hours to avoid irreversible damage.

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5. Saving Someone From Drowning.

This happens a lot but unfortunately ends up with the rescuer drowning in most cases because the one drowning acting on instinct will use the rescuer as a pivot to stay afloat, thereby pushing the rescuer down into the water. Therefore, when confronted with such a situation, swim towards the person from behind so they don’t end up pulling you under water with them. If they are at the bottom of the water, approach them from below then grab them at the armpit or the hair and pull them out of the water. Please don’t try this if you don’t know how to swim.

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