9 Common Reasons Why Kenyan Women Reject Men

For a man, there’s nothing as depressing as being rejected by a woman you deeply desire.

The sting that comes with it is sometimes too bitter to bear. Besides that, the other problem is figuring out why the girl rejected you in the first place, what you did wrong. Well, here are the most obvious reasons why Kenyan women reject men.

1. Money.

In as much as we like to blame Kenyan women for being gold-diggers, the reality is that none of them wants to suffer in life. All women want to have a good healthy family that drives around in good cars and takes its kids to great schools. So the reason why she is rejecting you might not just be because you don’t have money but also because you don’t look ambitious enough to get it.


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2. The guy seems like a ‘team mafisi’ member.

Kenyan women can tell within the first few exchanges with a man if he’s just interested in her for the sex. It’s the way you look at her, the jokes you make or the weird naughtiness you sprinkle throughout the casual conversation. Of course women want sex too but they want a man who is interested in more than that. If you give off the hyena vibe, you are likely going to lose, unless she’s loose.


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3. Tribe

This is a hot-button issue but whether we’d like to admit it or not, 95% of Kenyans are closet tribalists. A lot of guys have been rejected because of where they come from. Ethnic stereotypes have been part of us for a long time. Some say Luo men are proud. Some say Kikuyu men are stingy. Some say Luhya men like me want sex too much and so on. All these factors affect the decision making of most Kenyan women.


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4. The guy in question is too much like the rest.

She’s seen your type before, in fact, about five or six times today. There is nothing about you that says, “This dude seems different than the hundred other men who have tried to hit on me” – and this has her disinterested in being anything other than friends. After you move on, she’ll meet another guy just like you, and politely turn him down just the same way. The problem with most of us guys is that we don’t try to be different. We focus on being like the crew, on being normal. Be different and women will notice.

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5. Being out of her league.

To be honest, I’d like to take Joey Muthengi to Monaco and tell her how beautiful her eyes are but I can’t tell her that. She’ll definitely give me “blue ticks.” I know my lane and I stick to it. Hence I am very happy.  Ambition is good but it’s always advisable to hunt within your league. Some guys get rejected because they aim too high. Hitting on women who are within your horizon gives you a higher probability of success.


6. Annoying habits. 

Annoying habits and tendencies are difficult to spot but can also be clear reasons for rejection. Typical bad habits range from really crude jokes to picking your nose or laughing awkwardly. Identifying one of these habits isn’t easy because you often don’t realize when you are doing them. The best way to find out whether your bad habits could be damaging your chances is to ask that friend who is always honest with you.

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7. Not her type.

Kenyan women have types. Maybe she likes men who talk with Chimano’s base and have Nick Mutuma’s looks. Sometimes it’s not you so don’t catch feelings. People want to be with who they fantasize about. Being with your type gives you greater satisfaction and lesser doubts than being with just anyone.

8. Too nice.

This is not Mexico. Neither is your name Vicente or Alejandro. When you are too nice to a Kenyan woman, she starts feeling like you are trying too hard to impress her. Even though that may not be the case, she’ll still see it that way. Maybe you just like her too much hence you want to give her the best treatment but she won’t get it. It’s always best to alternate between being nice and being aloof.

9. Sometimes it’s simply not possible.

Maybe it’s just not possible. As a man, you have to understand that sometimes there might be circumstances that don’t allow a woman to be with you. She might be dating a really good guy or she might be focusing on her career. So don’t ever take rejection harshly. Be cool and move on to the next one.

Understood why you are not scoring now?


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