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We know you are all aware of the Jollof war that has been going on for ages between some African countries, especially Ghana, Nigeria and recently, Senegal.

Well! In case you didn’t know, Ghana is not the only country where we have Jollof. Apart from Nigeria, countries like Senegal, Liberia, Cameroon etc. all have their own kind of Jollof.

As Ghanaians, you all know how Ghanaian Jollof looks like but you’ve probably never seen how the Jollof of other African countries look like.

Here is how Jollof looks like in these 10 African Countries.

1. Cameroon Jollof.


2. Senegal Jollof.

#SenegalJollof my foot, #NigerianJollof is the winner any day!

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3. Liberia Jollof.


4. Togo Jollof (they call it red rice).


5. Mali Jollof.

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6. Congo Jollof.


7. Botswana Jollof.


8. Sierra Leone Jollof.


9. Nigerian Jollof.


10. Ghana Jollof.

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