Jalang’o Explains Why He Sold All His Cars & invested In Land

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Media personality and aspiring politician Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o recently disclosed that he sold all his luxurious cars.

Speaking recently, the presenter said he decided to sell the cars because hiring was cheaper than owning and maintaining a car.

Jalang’o argued that he prefers investing in real estate to cars because the latter depreciates while the former appreciates.

“Currently, I don’t have a car. I sold all the cars. This one is a hired one. Why should I buy when I can hire a good one like this? You know cars depreciate! Buy a land instead of a car,” Jalang’o said.

In other news, the presenter celebrated his wife, Amina Chao while marking his birthday.


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Through her Instagram page, Jalang’o shared a photo of his beautiful wife and pampered her with love on her special day.

“Happy birthday Jaber! You are a queen.You are a boss! To many more!” he wrote.

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