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Apple recently launched a new set of iPhones available for pre-order later in the year.

There’s the iPhone 8 which has its own unique features

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And the iPhone X which is clearly not anybody’s mate.

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Well, here are some things iPhone users are already thinking

1. “Now that they’ve released the new iPhones, I can finally upgrade my 5c to 6”


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2. “At least, the prices of some of them will come down now for me to move higher”

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3. “Is my kidney really useful to me right now”


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4. “Is there any difference between the old iPhone and the new iPhone”


5. “It’s like these Apple people want to finish our money”

Funke Akindele

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6. “Waiting for the pre-order date like”


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7. “Unlooking the new phones. Cannot come and kill myself”

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8. “My bank account cannot afford me looking at the Apple event or anything like that”


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9. “Waiting for the fairly used version of the new iPhone to hit me”

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10. “Apple is so genius. Take all my money”

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Which one of these people are you right now? We’re definitely asking ourselves about our kidney right now.