Ghanaians love their food.

There are some people who have taken this love to a whole new level. These people are happy just to see food. I mean just see food.

Here are all the Instagram pages you need to follow now if you love your food.

1. Servepotgh


2. Ezibangh

Personally, I am a bit impartial but @waakye_radar kinda has a point. And since it's #WaakyeWednesday Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Waakye over Jollof: _____________________ 1. Waakye is the ultimate balanced diet 2. Waakye can bring you and your squad together πŸ‘«; Jollof is usually enjoyed solo. 3. Waakye is the main chick who isn't cheating on you with 2, 3 other entire nations. 4. Waakye supports the economy and contributes more to our GDP πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ’°; poultry farmers, fish mongers, vegetable farmers, gari millers, butchers, spaghetti distributors and so on all benefit when you eat Waakye. 5. Waakye literally brings you closer to your roots; especially in the leaf πŸƒ 6. Waakye tastes like a burst of heaven 😩❀the moment it hits your tongue; a surreal experience. 7. Waakye has its vendors in the country running day and night shifts 🌞🌚! Demand for waakye is round the clock- 6am breakfast, 12noon lunch, 7pm night-time waakye delight. Which other meal in our entire culture can provide employment all day and all night? #WaakyeNeverSleeps 8. Waakye ends conflicts 😊; Jollof starts conflicts. 9. Waakye is a great option for breakfast πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹if you want to have an amazing day! 10. Waakye is the embodiment of unity in diversity. Though they are different, the wele needs the spaghetti, and the beans accepts the salad with open arms #OneLove _____________________ #ForTheLoveOfWaakye #LetsMakeWaakyeGreatAgain #Waakye #WaakyeRadar #Jollof #WaakyeWednesday #ezibangh #WhereGhanaEats #waakyeinleaves #top10 NOTE:This Waakye is from the Waakye Buffet that used to happen inside Trade Fair hosted by Waakye On Wheels. Still Dieting.

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3. Whereghanaeats





😍 Ripe plantain popularly known as 'k)k))' with nkotomire stew #ghfoodrocks

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6. Realghfood


7. foodchasers_gh

#Aprapransa #HomeMade

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8. Thefoodvaultgh


9. Foodiangh

Get this with Banku or cooked white rice and your day will be a fulfilling one. Life of a Foodie πŸ›

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10. Dearfoodgh

Lunch! Had to post before finishing this plate.

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