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Do you know there’s a high probability that you’ve consumed something not considered healthy before?

Just recently a lady was arrested when it was discovered she’s been adding her menses to the food of a client she’s angry with. So you can just imagine what the man has been consuming all this while.

Here are 16 inedible foods you might have eaten without knowing.

1. Snake Meat.

To some, it is edible but with you, when you’re told it is snake meat, you will run as fast as you could but unfortunately, any canned food you see on the market you buy, what you do not know is that, snake meat tastes just like some fish and also chicken, so the probability you’ve eaten snake meat without your knowledge before is very high.

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2. Horse Meat.

We don’t have a graveyard for horses and we don’t eat horse meat either so ask yourself, where do all the dead horses go? If you are the type who loves corned beef, the probability you’ve tasted horse meat before is very high. Many popular corned beef manufacturers have been sued after tests showed traces of horse meat in their products.


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3. Human Meat.

In China, some companies who manufacture corned beef were arrested for adding human meat to the beef and mincing them together and for sale to innocent consumers. So imagine all the cans that have been sold already, you might have tasted one of these without knowing. Even McDonalds was once rumoured to have used human meat in their food. As to how true that is, we can’t confirm now.

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4. Dog Meat.

When buying food off the shelf, you might want to be careful because you might think you’re buying beef but you might be buying dog meat. A lot of chop bars and khebab sellers have in recent times passing off dog meat as goat, sheep or cow meat and selling to customers.

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5. Vulture Meat.

If you like eating outside especially at Ghanaian “Chop Bars”, the likelihood you’ve tasted vulture meat is very high although we deem it as inedible meat. Most chop bar operators sometimes substitute chicken with vulture which tastes same as chicken when prices of chicken go up. There have been many cases where some chop bar operators were caught doing this and arrested. Now, these are cases where they were arrested, what about the other occasions where they are able to do this without being caught?


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6. Mice Meat.

If you’re fond of buying frozen beef from the supermarket and so concerned about the price so you decide to always go for the cheapest new product on the shelf all the time or you love corned beef so much you try any new product on the shelf, then the probability you’ve tasted mice meat is very high.

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7. Faeces

Sorry to ruin your taste but we need to talk about this because it is the number one reason why cholera is rife in the country. According to statistics, almost every Ghanaian has tasted faeces before and if you’ve ever been diagnosed with cholera or typhoid before then that means you’ve actually consumed faeces. A research which was conducted showed that almost all the waakye we eat by the road are contaminated with faeces. Now you know right?

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8. Hair

This is one of the most common things you’re likely to find in food and the probability you’ve eaten some is very high. It’s just basically from the hair of the cooks or the wind may have blown it into the food.

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9. Fingernails

Even, human meat, we’ve tasted before how much more fingernails. Packaging is a whole lot of exercise, plus, a lot of the food we consume in Ghana involves a lot of stirring so the likelihood someone will have their fingernails dropping into the food is quite high.

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10. Sperms

If you’re fond of eating at cheap restaurants and you’re always that one troublesome customer always pissing the waiter and chef off, there is no doubt you might have tasted sperm before as your punishment. A lot of things happen in busy restaurants you know. Many waiters and chefs have been caught on camera mixing food with urine, faeces, saliva etc. before going to give them to their customers.

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11. Cement

Cement is added to some fake foods that are imported into the country and the likelihood you might have tasted some is very high.

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12. Worms

During the preparation of corned beef, if the meat is infested with worms, do you think the manufacturers will trash it and lose money when they can just mince it with the meat? So yes! the probability you’ve tasted worms countless of times is pretty high because you don’t know what ends up in that can.

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13. Plastic

By now most of you might have heard about plastic rice and since you eat fried rice a lot, you can’t deny it when we say you might have tasted it before.

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14. Rat Meat

Rat meat is packaged as mutton and imported into the country and sold on our markets, so there are chances you might have tasted some before but by God’s grace we are still alive.

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15. Millipedes

So you see millipedes and you go, “eewwww!!!” but what you probably don’t know is that you might have tasted some before. According to research, palm oil producers use it to increase the quantity of oil produced from the palm nuts. When you add millipedes to the production, it increases the quantity of the oil and since it is what most of us use in the country, the likelihood you might have tasted some is very high.

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16. Sudan IV Dye

We don’t even need to talk much about this because even the FDA has proven this on our market and many people have been arrested. Sudan IV is supposed to be in the hospitals but unfortunately, they are mixed with our palm oil and sold to us. So the probability you might have tasted some is pretty high.

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