17 Important Things In Life You’ve Probably Never Taken Note Of

There are a lot of products in the society with a lot of inscriptions on them but unfortunately, we pay no attention to them.

These are some important things in life you’ve probably never taken note of.

1. Makeup Shelf Life

You’ve probably noticed that there is a slightly opened container design at the bottom of cosmetic products with a number on them. Now that is supposed to be how long you’re supposed to use the product. Some have ’26’, ’12’, ’36’ etc. these numbers represent the number of months you’re supposed to use the product after opening or first usage.


2. The Little Hole Between The Lens And The Flash Of An iPhone

If you’re reading this and you use an iPhone, check the back and you’ll notice a hole between the camera and the flash. We doubt you know what that is. That hole is actually a microphone meant to capture sound when you’re capturing a video. It also allows the Siri app to understand accents and improve the quality of sound on facetime and reduce the noise in your surrounding that the main microphone might pick.


3. The Metal Plate On A Stapler

If you rotate the plate on the bottom of your stapler, it will rather bend the staple pin out rather than bend it in. This is done to fasten things temporarily, which is called pinning. To use the pinning feature, you just rotate the bottom plate. When you pin your papers together, you wouldn’t need a staple remover to get the staple out, all you need to do is to pull. To get back to the regular stapler, you simply turn the metal plate back to its original position and that does it.


4. The “57” On A Heinz Ketchup Bottle

If you’ve probably never seen this, then grab a Heinz ketchup bottle and take a look at the neck downwards close to the shoulder, you will see the number “57” embossed in a circle. Now that is not just a design, it has a purpose and you’ve probably never taken note of it. That’s actually the sweet spot of the ketchup bottle. It serves as a spot to get the ketchup out whenever it is stuck in the bottle. When you tap that part of the bottle, the ketchup will flow out easily.


5. The Hole At The End Of A Lollipop Stick

This was not designed to be used as a whistle if that’s what you thought. That hole was meant to allow the candy to flow out while you suck on it to prevent it from falling off the stick.

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6. The Symbols On Plastic Containers

You noticed that there are recycle designs on plastic containers with some numbers on them, well! they are not there for fun, they serve a purpose. These numbers actually tell you what type of plastic you’re holding. They are recycling symbols and they indicate the 7 types of plastics and it also tells you whether the plastic is microwave or dishwasher safe.


7. The Plastic Under A Bottle Lid

There is a small ring of plastic located under the lid of a bottle. You might assume it is there to prevent the content from spilling out, far from it, it is actually there to prevent the content of the bottle from going flat by holding the gases inside the bottle.


8. The Two Or Three Lines On A Headphone Jack

When you whip out your headphone jack, you will notice there are some lines around the tip of the jack, sometimes it is two, other times it is three. If you thought they were washers, then you got it wrong, they actually help your speaker decipher where the sound should go. It is the reason why you’re able to hear your favourite song in both ears. The two lines allow the sound to be evenly distributed between the left and right speaker and if it is three, the middle one is supposed to serve as a microphone. This is why most mobile phone earpieces have three lines, the middle one is what makes it possible for you to speak when you make calls.


9. Tyre Bumps

Nobody really pays attention to the bumps on car tyres except when we want to track a car. Many are those who see it as something meant to give the tyres a firm grip on the road for breaking. However, what they are actually meant for is to measure the weight the car is supposed to carry. So, when the bumps are flat, then it means the car is carrying loads heavier than the car.


10. Toothpaste Coloured Squares

When you pick your toothpaste, at the bottom end where you sometimes press, you will notice there is a coloured square. It is actually known as colour marks or eye marks and they are articles of the manufacturing process. They indicate whether the pack can be folded or cut as interlocking units stream through the machinery at high speed.


11. Petrol Gauge Arrow

You might not have taken note of this but when you look at the petrol gauge, you will see a little arrow by the petrol pump design on your petrol gauge. That arrow is not there for fun, it actually indicates where your fuel tank is located.

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12. Tetteh Quarshie On Ghana’s Cedi

Pick your ¢1.00, ¢5.00 and ¢20.00 and lift it up towards light or the sun and you will notice that Tetteh Quarshie is hidden in there. There are more hidden features on the cedi.


13. The Focal Plane Mark

If you see this mark on a camera, it is not a mathematical symbol. It is known as the focal plane mark and it is actually used to signal where the sensor is inside the camera and it is useful for optimising the photo you take.


14. The “CE” Mark On Products

If you should see this symbol on any product, it is simply trying to tell you it is a European standard product.



15. Royal Seal Of Approval

If you should see this symbol on any product, then it means it is used by the royal family in England on the regular and has gained their approval. It is common on the Twinnings tea, Gordon’s Gin and many other products.

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16. The Colours On Your Tooth Brush

The blue colour on your toothbrush is not there for decoration, it is actually there to inform you when you should stop using your toothbrush. When it gets to the time you need to stop using your toothbrush and get a new one, the blue colour will start fading into the white colour.


17. The Rough Edges At The Back Of Your Toothbrush

When you pick your toothbrush and turn it around, you’ll notice that there are some rough lines at the back. You’ve probably overlooked this several times because you don’t know it’s use. Anyway, that part of your toothbrush is the tongue cleaner. That’s the part you’re supposed to use to scrub your tongue and not the brush. The brush is meant for your teeth and the back is meant for your tongue.

tooth brush


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