UPSA VC Advise Freshers “Ignore Campus Boys And Girls, They Will Break Your Heart”

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, (UPSA), Professor Abednego F.O. Amartey, has advised first-year students not to go into amorous relationships but rather contrate on their studies.

uspa accra lesbian female students

He said, rushing into a relationship will only leave students heartbroken.

Speaking at a matriculation ceremony on Friday, April 8, 2022, Prof Amartey said students must aim higher in their education rather than focus on love relation.

“I know what I’m saying, some of you will tell yourselves, you have heard me but you won’t heed to the advice. Well the results have always been the same, broken heart awaits you,” quoted.

” Take your time, study, pass, come for your masters then you will have the license to do anything. For now, your parents are paying your fees,” Prof Amartey added.

He said as freshers there will be under a lot of pressure from the continuing student on campus but they must take their time when going into love relationship.

“I recall in our days on campus, we called it October rush, they will come to you like butterflies but please take it easy, take your time,” he said.


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