“I Can’t Ignore Big Buttons, I Wonder If I’m Cursed” Married Man Cries

A Ghanaian married womanizer who wonders “if someone has cursed” him has cried out for help to enable him to ignore big buttocks when he sees them.

The helpless man took to a Facebook page called Anonymous Confessions of Ghanaian Women to confess his adulterous lifestyle.

According to the 38-year-old man, he has been obsessed with big buttocks and womanized since he was 20 years old.


He revealed that, because he is a big butt lover, he deliberately married a woman who is well-endowed, and they have been together for the past eight years.

“I cannot see big ass and ignore it. It is a serious problem I have. My wife also has ass and that’s why I married her, but I cannot stop myself from trying other ones,” he cried.

He added that his wife, who is completely unaware of his philandering, is very good in bed and treats him to several amazing sex styles.

However, despite all the goodies at his disposal, the confused man says he is unsatisfied. He disclosed how he drives to “Legon campus and just get the students with big ass for sex”.

He has devised a means to engage in promiscuity without his wife ever suspecting him. He has a phone purposely designated for his infidelity.

“My wife doesn’t suspect cos I have a whole different phone for that. I don’t even bring that phone home. It is always in the office and locked,” he revealed.

He lamented that

“I have tried to stop but I can’t” said that his greatest fear now is that his innocent 7-year-old daughter might suffer the same treatment he has been subjecting other girls to, as a result of karma.

“But sometimes I feel bad cos I also have a daughter who is 7 years and I don’t want her to pay for my sins. But me too I can’t keep the thing down.

“Problem is, after I knack the same girl for some time, I want to try a new one.

“I have tried to stop but I can’t. Many of the girls keep coming back cos I give them money.”

The fact that the man chose a Facebook group, which by its name was supposed to be an all-women’s one, to seek help, means that he really sees it as a big problem.


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