A Guide On How To Relax During The Weekend

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Yay! It’s the weekend! After working from monday through friday, you need to unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself during the weekends.

Studies shows people want to relax but they don’t know how to *sadly*

I am here to give you a concrete guide; let’s get right into it!


Yeah! Catch some ”zzz!” The importance of a really good nap or sleeping for some hours can’t be understated! Grab your pillow and do the needful asap!


I know! Some people actually find this relaxing, from laundry to cleaning, decluttering, unpacking etc. If this is your thing, by all means indulge yourself.

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Cook a hearty meal and have friends over

If you can’t cook, make an order or call someone to help. For you with the world-class or passable culinary skills, knock yourself out! Good company, good laughs and good food= You know the answer!

Attend a Wedding

If you don’t have an invitation, gate crash one with a friend *it’s the Nigerian way! lool!* The ambiance and overflowing joy would help you unwind.

The only downside is Jollof might finish, or you don’t get to eat, it won’t be your portion IJN!

Go swimming

This is perfect! If you’re in Nigeria now, pretty sure you can relate to the unrelenting heatwave attacking the country. So go for a swim, a very relaxing sport!

Netflix and Chill all by yourself

Binge-watch all your favourite movies and tv series. Grab a truckload of the junk while at it! *bliss*

Go to the cinema

Can’t see a movie alone? Or you need to get outta the house? The cinema is your solution, watch your favourite box office movies and enjoy the company of others. Grab a popcorn, hot dog or a wrap while at it!9ffef8ce imax 750x354 1

Go clubbing 

After sleeping for some long hours, you could go chill at the club in the evening solo or with friends; music, dance, lights, etc.

Pro tip: If you are looking to try something new, go to the strip club *just saying*

Invite bae over

If you’re single, move along, please. This is for the boo-ed up folks, enjoy each other’s company and sing ”praises”

If you’re married, by all means; Go forth and multiply!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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