Here’s What Really Happened, Girl In Proposal Video Reacts

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When they say don’t believe everything on the internet you really have to stop believing everything you see on the internet.

You might have come across a video of a lady proposing in public to one gentleman called Daniel on any of the social media platforms.

She got the best guitarist her money could afford to serenade this guy in the middle of a crowd at Accra Mall, however, Daniel turned her down and it was not a big deal.

When I tweeted at her to come see what was happening, she also laughed it off.

Because this is not only an old video but also a social experiment carried out by Ama Governor– a Ghanaian YouTuber exactly 2 years ago.

She’s done even daring videos like “telling my African mom, I’m pregnant.”

Are you convinced now or you still think she do yawa?


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