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If you don’t have plans of getting something for bae this Christmas, your 2017 resolution should be getting another bae. Simple as that.

But if you do have plans, this guide will help you make a mark.

Here’s your complete guide to finding that special someone the perfect gift this Christmas.

1. Listen

The one way to finding someone a perfect gift is getting hints they give all year. Listen to what they’ve said throughout the year and you’ll know what to buy.

2. Pay Attention

The person you’re planning to give the gift will tell you some things but not everything. Pay attention to what they tell their friends. You’ll get some information there to make it worth the thought.

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3. It’s Not Just The Thought That Matters

Legend has it that people who know they are giving ‘cheap gifts’ tend to go with the tagline ‘It’s the thought that matter’.

No. It’s not only the thought. The gift matters too. Make it count.

4. Make A Budget

Don’t go making an impulse buy just because you have to give a gift. Make a budget and find the probable perfect gift in the range. Compare and contrast to make a good buy.

5. Expensive Is Not Always The Best

The fact that what you’re buying is worth more than the person can ever afford doesn’t make it the perfect gift. Sometimes less is more. People will probably appreciate an all-paid dinner between you two than actually buying them a private jet.

OK, a private jet is way too cool to reject but you get the point.

6. The Lasting Factor

Get something that they can keep for a long time. It makes them live in the moment for long. Don’t get some they’ll just eat and forget. That can be a compliment, not the main gift.

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7. The Surprise Element

No matter how bad your gift is, adding an element of surprise makes it worth it. The suspense of will they give, will they not makes it fun.

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8. Go With Your Guts

Be bold and do what you feel will make them happy. After all, you are the one who has known them for long.

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