Going natural is the new trend and it is something most women are considering save for the pain that comes with combing due to our kinky hair as African’s.

Anyway, natural hair doesn’t have to hurt when you comb it and we have the right hair products to help you in that regard. So if you’re a woman considering going natural, then check out these 30 hair products.

1. Hair Stretcher.

If you want to style your hair and make it stand straight and also stretch it, then you might want to consider this product, which helps straighten your natural hair with no wahala.


2. Curly Hair.

If you want your natural hair curled like this, check out the Shea Moisture products and the Organic Olive Oil product.


3. This…


4. Coconut Oil.

Anybody going natural will tell you the best product you need is coconut oil and you’ve got just that in this bottle.






7. The Starter Pack.

You need to have all this if you want to maintain your natural hair for long.

8. Protect The Hair.

Natural hair is difficult to maintain and therefore, it can easily get damaged.











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"Is it better to use an oil blend rather than just *insert favourite oil*?" We say a hearty YES! Our 100% natural oils Soothe & Seal are blended to perfection using the right balance of oils (and a cold process) to ensure your hair gets all the nutrients it needs from a wide variety. We hand pick ingredients that work fantastically on Afro & Curly hair textures and combine them together. Each ingredient has it’s own set of healthy properties so blending these together means you get super oils that nourish your scalp leave your hair soft, shiny and smelling great! . . . . . . . #naturaloils #afrohair #naturalhair #afrocenchix #curlsunderstood #uknaturals #kinkyhair #melanin #blackbeauty #teamnatural #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #naturalhairproducts #handmade #afro #blackhair #blackowned

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16. And this…



🌼 One of my favorite brands @sheamoisture4u has chosen me as a #sheabassador for 2017! This means that I get to try products and spread the #shealove with all of you ❤ Not only their products are great, their ingredients are clean and natural but Sheamoisture celebrates everyone's uniqueness ✌ they also work to empower women, minorities and developing communities 💪 I'm very honored to partner with them! Pictured is their new Dragon's blood collection. Watch my story to see an unboxing and the products in action 🌹 . . . #sheabassadors #everybodygetslove #sheamoisture #shealove #curlyhair #naturalhair #naturalhaircare #dragonsblood #amillionwaystoshea #vintagehair #vintagecurls #skincare #naturalskincare #ethicalbeauty #naturalbeauty #sheamoisture4u #naturalhairproducts

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19. Pamper Your Hair.




21. There you go…



23. Check this out.








27. And this…


28. Something to help you style your hair.


29. Locks



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