Opening jars can b stressful especially if you need the contents immediately.

Jars are the devil. They are incredibly hard to hard to open. You have twisted the cover to no avail. You have added a cloth onto the cover to enhance your grip and still can’t get it open. Jars are vacuum sealed which makes them hard to open.

Salad in a jar

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Those days of giving up on the precious contents of your jars because you can’t open them are over. Here are some crazy hacks to help you open them:

1. Hot water

jar covers are always metal. Run them under hot water for 30 seconds to cause the lid to expand. This makes it easy to open.


Image: LivingHomeGrown


2. Rubber band

To get a better grip on the lid of a jar, wrap a rubber band around the lid and twist open.


Image: 50years50recipes


3. Metal Spoon

Also, you can use a metal spoon to try to lever open the cover of the jar. Although the jar wouldn’t open, this method helps equalize the pressure outside the jar with that inside the jar. This makes it easy to open.


Photo: TableKing


4. Cling Film

Tear off a piece of cling film, wrap it around the lid of the jar and twist.


Image: MarcoGarden


5. Wooden spoon

This one is great for the people who love drumming on things. Get a wooden spoon and beat a staccato around the lid of the jar with the spoon. Then twist and open normally.


Image: SeriousSeats


6. Rubber Glove

You know those plastic yellow gloves used around the house? Just get one on your hand and twist the cap of your jar.



7. Make a small hole on the cover

Because jars are vacuum sealed, the pressure on the inside is different from that outside the jar. Get a wine opener, pocket knife or even a small knife. Use it to make a small hole in the lid. Then twist the lid to open. This works because the hole lets in air and normalises the pressure in the jar to that outside the jar.


Image: ClumsyCrafter


What other tricks for opening jars do you know?