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Pregnancy is something that makes couples excited because it means they are about to bring a child into the world.

However, pregnancy comes with its own associated problems which if not dealt with properly, ruins the experience if not completely for the couple. The role of the man is therefore key.

Here are 11 things a man should know about pregnant women to help him through this process.

1. She’ll Gain Weight.

Pregnancy comes with weight gain. You cannot run away from this fact so begin to psyche your mind that your slender looking partner, will put on lots of weight when she gets pregnant. This is simply because pregnancy will boost her appetite for food and she’ll eat like nobody’s business. Plus she’ll also have cravings for a lot of junk food.

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2. Feed Her On The Regular.

You have to remember that another human being is growing inside of her, therefore her appetite for food will increase. When she says she’s hungry, give her food immediately, unless you want to deal with an angry pregnant woman’s ranting. When she says she’s hungry, she’s not thinking of that food she’ll eat an hour or two later, she means she must eat at that particular time. If there’s no food ready, give her a snack while you prepare something or go out to buy her something.

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3. Sex Won’t Hurt The Baby.

There’s this misconception that sex during pregnancy will hurt the baby. This is absolutely wrong. Sex during pregnancy doesn’t in anyway affect the baby negatively. The womb is very far from the vagina and so there’s no way your penis will come anywhere close to the baby.┬áJust make sure you’re not lying on her belly and you’re not super aggressive. However, do not have sex once her water breaks, that could actually put the baby at risk of infection.

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4. You Might Gain Weight As Well.

You might be going like, “how possible, I’m not pregnant”. Yes, we know but remember we spoke about giving her lots of food in #2? Whether intentionally or unintentionally, guys tend to partake in the food and cravings of their pregnant partners. If she’s not able to eat something, will you let it go waste? obviously not. There are also times they want to eat with you and you can’t run away from it. Ultimately, you’re likely to gain some noticeable weight during the course of the pregnancy.




5. She’ll Lose Her Sense Of Humor.

Don’t even try telling a joke to a pregnant woman. Women go through various changes emotionally during pregnancy and so they are not really good company when it comes to jokes. If you’re the type who likes clowning around for your woman and she used to appreciate it, just have it in mind that once that baby starts growing, it’s bye bye to sense of humor. She might not be interested in your jokes and this might make you feel bad knowing you’re only trying to make her happy.


6. Bye Bye To Sex.

Pregnancy has a lot of toll on sex drive. In some women, their appetite for sex just disappears. Some also become super horny during this period but most at times, those who lose it outweigh those who gain it. Pregnancy makes them restless and sex is, therefore, the last thing on their mind. If she also carries that misconception that sex will hurt the baby, then you can forget about sex for the next 9 months until she delivers. Brace yourself, comrade.


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7. You Can’t Touch Her Huge Melons.

This is the period her boobs become huge and inviting due to the production of breast milk plus the extra weight she puts on and extra blood she carries due to the baby. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to touch. Even though they become huge and inviting, most times, they’ll be so tender any slight touch hurts and it’ll make her angry and you’ll not like that. Consider yourself that kid in the candy shop who is not allowed to buy anything.

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8. Forgetfulness.

One of the magic of pregnancy. Your partner will begin to forget some basic things. She might look for a comb which she’s forgotten in her hair, she’ll leave the fridge door open, she’ll fight you for her watch when in actual fact she’s wearing it. These are all part of the pregnancy process and things will go back to normalcy when she delivers.

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9. Don’t Make Her Feel Useless.

This is quite tricky. As a man, you feel your woman being pregnant means you should help her right? Unfortunately, doing everything for her will rather make her feel bad, useless and helpless. She’ll begin to feel like a burden and she might react. Inasmuch as you want to help her, let her also do things by herself. Don’t take things from her when she’s about to do it and never make that “you know you’re pregnant” comment. The key here is to help her, not incapacitate her.

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10.┬áNever Tell Her She’s Gaining Weight.

Women, in general, hate being told they are getting fat, and this doesn’t change when she gets pregnant. If anything at all, she becomes more sensitive to this comment during pregnancy. Yes! she’s putting on some weight but don’t use every opportunity to spell it out to her. At a point, she’ll get angry when you say this. Be on the safer side by not pointing this out to her. Even if it has made her look more beautiful, keep it to yourself.


11. She’ll Wear Her Temper on Her Sleeves.

One major effect of pregnancy is mood swings. Her mood will change quicker than you can say jack. She’ll become very sensitive and temperamental. This is mainly due to the restlessness she feels, coupled with the inability to do the things she used to do effortlessly. She becomes frustrated and this translates into outbursts.

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12. Never Complain.

She’ll get cringy, she’ll become forgetful, she’ll stop taking care of herself or even the house. Make sure that at no point will you complain about this. After all, she’s carrying your baby so you have to understand. You can, however, console yourself with the fact that this will only last for 9 months. It’s a long period but just contain and support her as much as you can, it’s not her fault anyways.

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