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Ghanaian mothers love their children.

They’ll even walk through blazing fire just to make them happy and they get super excited when they attain certain feats. We love them to death.

Here are moments that make Ghanaian mothers os proud of their children.

1. When you speak for the first time.

They are already proud as mothers for giving birth but there’s no joy equal to a mother’s joy when she hears her child speak for the first time. They’ll call everyone they know to tell them the news.

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2. That first step at walking.

Walking is very important in child development. It’s a real scare when a child after a year, isn’t showing any signs of walking. It’s, therefore, a moment of pride for a mother when her child starts picking those baby steps.

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1. When you come in first in school.

It might look like it’s nothing but mothers get excited when their children top their class during exams. It may even surprise you that they do this even when the kids are in nursery.



2. When you get a school position.

getting a school position is an achievement that makes mothers proud. It doesn’t matter which class or form you’re in, all you need to do to make them excited is to get yourself some school position like school prefect, class prefect, compound overseer, entertainment prefect etc.



3. When you gain admission to the best senior high school.

Admission to some of the best Senior High Schools in Ghana can get quite frustrating. Due to the high rate of applicants, it becomes a real hustle going through, therefore, if the list comes out and you gained admission to one of the best schools, it makes your mother proud and excited AF.



4. When you gain admission to the university.

The dream of almost every Ghanaian mother is for her child to go to the university. Degrees are quite valued in this part of town, therefore, gaining admission to the university gives mothers that bragging right that their child is about to get a degree. Plus, admission requirements to the university is quite high and the number of applicants each year is just outrageous so if your child makes it through all that and gets a spot, it’s all excitement.

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5. When you get married.

You’re growing, you have a job, all your mother wants now is for you to get you a partner and settle down. Marriage, unfortunately, is very important in this part of town. If you attain age 30 and above, there is always pressure to get married. Mothers will tell you to get married to make them proud.

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6. When you get a child.

This is the whole point from #5. Mothers after their children grow up now want to become grandmothers. The pressure to get married is always based on this, for you to give them grandchildren. There are times when some mothers will even tell their children to just give them a child if they don’t want to get married.

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7. When you gain a promotion at work.

One thing Ghanaian mothers do a lot is pray for the progress of their children, therefore, if you tell her you just got promoted at work, she becomes excited. They’ll take off their clothes and dance to the glory of God.

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8. When you build or buy a house.

Like stated above, mothers are always looking for that bragging rights over their friends, therefore, they are always seeking the best for their children. If you build a house, it makes your mother excited because it means you’ve succeeded.


9. When you buy a car.

This is all part of the success chain. When you buy a car, it gives your mom an opportunity to stunt on her friends ro to be at the same level with those whose children already have one. It’s like a competition among them to see whose child is more successful.

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10. When you buy her a gift.

They’ll want to take care of you even when you’re an adult. They’ll do just about everything to make you happy. Buy her anything and she’ll make it look like it’s worth a billion dollars. She doesn’t want a house or a car before she’ll be proud of you.

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