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There are many dishes in Ghana but there are some you see and you lose appetite instantly till you actually taste it.

Here are 10 foods from Ghana you might write off but are very delicious.

1. Mportormportor

One look at mportormportor and something very nasty comes to mind, but wait till you have it on your tongue and you will end up licking the bowl clean.


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2. Kontonmire Stew

The texture and appearance of kontonmire stew does not look appealing at all and even in Ghana, we have people who have a phobia for it and have never tasted it. We pity them because they are missing something great.


3. Akorkuno Stew

This is actually a stew made from weevil larvae and one look at it can put you off if you’ve never tasted it, but trust us, it is delicious as heaven.

weavil soup

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4. Omanpam Soup

This is soup made from a lizard and we are sure the name alone can even put you off till you taste it.


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5. Bat Soup

This is a delicacy among the Kwahu’s in Ghana and other tribes see it as disgusting, but it’s rather unfortunate they’ve never tasted it, they wouldn’t have gone back to any meat again.



6. Kanzo

Kanzo is actually the burnt part of jollof rice and many would have thought it will be unpleasant to eat it, but trust us, it is the part you will need and many people fight over this.

jollof kanzo

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7. Sheep Penis Khebab

Up North, there is a khebab specially made from the penis of a sheep, lined up on a stick and it’s a delicacy. The thought of it alone might be disgusting but wait till you taste it.

Are you serious right now?

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8. Fufu and Abunuabunu Soup

Fufu is sticky and seems difficult to eat if it’s your first time and the worse part is the Abubuabunu soup which is green in colour and filled with snails, something many people see as disgusting, but once you taste it, you will never turn back.


9. Snake Soup

You will never understand why some tribes in Ghana end up fighting over this soup whenever it is prepared till you taste it.

snake soup

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10. Banku And Okro Stew

First of all, Banku does not smell good and okro stew too does not appear pleasant, especially when you touch it and it sticks at all places, but once it gets into your mouth, you get a change of mind.


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11. Cat Or Dog Meat Soup

Because the cat and the dog are pets, you might hate this but it is a delicacy for some tribes in Ghana. Once you taste it, you will advocate for more.

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