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Relationships and breakups go hand-in-hand. It’s very painful but also inevitable.

It’s not, however, everytime that a breakup is uttered, sometimes, action speaks and here are 10 ways Ghanaian guys break up with their girls.

1. Avoids her calls.

When you realise he’s been avoiding your calls without any better explanation, then just know he’s broken up with you. Yes, there are times when he genuinely might miss your calls but when it becomes a regular feature, then you should know that he’s taken off.


2. Ignores her.

He can also decide to ignore you entirely. This might include meetups, visits, calls etc. Even when he sees you, he’ll totally ignore your presence and continue doing what he’s doing. You may visit him and he’ll leave without saying a word, you’ll sit and wait till you feel tired and leave as well. My dear, the writing is on the wall, your man is no more your man.

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3. Stops visiting.

For relationships where you visit each other regularly, whenever he stops visiting, then know that he’s moving away or has moved on. Guys love and will always use every opportunity to visit their girls so when a guy stops visiting without any reason, then know that he’s going or has gone away.




4. Avoids meeting her.

He starts avoiding and giving you excuses whenever you have to meet. When you ask to see him, he has an excuse. When you ask to visit him, he tells you he isn’t home or won’t be home. On occasions that you decide to go to his place without telling him to see what the problem is, as soon as he sees you, he dresses up and tells you he has somewhere to go, then my sister, it’s the message you don’t want to accept.

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5. Goes in for another girl.

This is the most direct of approaches. Guys normally employ this approach when their girl has just refused to accept that things are over between them. He feels that the lady seeing her with another lady will be the last straw to tell her that indeed he’s moved on. Ironically, the new lady might not even be someone he loves. He may just be using her to finally break off from his girlfriend.

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6. Tells her in the face.

This is the most common approach and it ends everything. It sometimes generates into a lot of arguments, tears, pleadings but at the end, message is conveyed loud and clear.



7. Travel.

This may sound laughable but it’s true. Some guys travel to a different place when they want to break up with their girlfriends. They believe that the distance and being out of sight will deal with the breakup.

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8. Ask her friend to tell her.

Sometimes the best person to help convey your message is your girlfriend’s friend. Yes, you tell them why you can’t continue the relationship with their friend and ask them to explain it to her. This is also done when the boy has made all efforts to convey the message to the girl but she still doesn’t want to accept it.

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9. Use a flimsy excuse.

Have you heard of this; “my dad says if I continue this relationship with you, he won’t send me abroad to continue schooling.”? This is one of the numerous flimsy excuses Ghanaian guys use to break up with their girls.

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10. Fight.

This is the ultimate. He may have plans of breaking up with you and may just be waiting for the right opportunity and fights are one of such opportunities. You’ll be surprised to know that something as simple as a cup of tea can end up in a break up.


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