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Life has been awesome, funny, sad and all in between in 2016 and finally we are in 2017.

Before we entered 2017, many made resolutions but before any of those resolutions will materialise, we need to leave behind some of these funny habits and things in 2016 and move on.

Here are some things we saw in 2016 and feel Ghanaians shouldn’t bring this into 2017.

1. Skinny Jeans

Why wear something you can’t even walk in? Its about time we start wearing trousers that actually fit.

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2. Mohawk haircuts

Out of the blue, every Ghanaian started rocking a mohawk in 2016 just because footballers were wearing them, in case you don’t know. It is probably the reason why you’re still jobless.

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3. Politics Of Insults

We pray for once our radio stations will have some sanity and rules will be set for those who don’t know how to respect the rest of us because of politics.

mahama nana addo


4. Celebrity beefs

This habit is childish, celebs washing their dirty linen in public is quite embarrassing.

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5. Queuing With Stones And Other Objects To Vote

We will vote again in 2020 and we hope we would have evolved from queuing with stones.


6. Baggy Jeans

This was so 90s and early 2000s.


7. Saggy Pants

Just stop it already!


8. Tattered Clothes

Please Kanye wannabees, we get it, but enough is enough.

…and roll 🎬

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9. Taking Awkward Pictures In Super Markets

Either you go there to shop or stay your ass home!


10. Bae Everything

To all those who tag every picture with bae this and bae that, it is enough we are fed up.


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11. Nudes On Social Media

There is a reason why some things are private, let it remain as such, thank you.

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12. Bad grammar on social media

I don’t even have to say much here.


13. Requesting For Mobile Money

Ladies, you are WARNED!

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14. Β Sending Generic Text Messages On Holidays

Easter is around the corner and so is someone’s birthday and we are sure we will all make it to the next Christmas, but if you know you’re not creative and can’t create your own message, please don’t forward others messages to 1000 people. Thank you.

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15. Boss Chic Nonsense

If you know you’re hungry, let people know you’re hungry and stop playing “bigLY” on social media and calling yourself boss chic.

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