Boyfriends love their football. They have their favourite clubs and reasons why they support these clubs.

For you girlfriends out there, which of these football clubs does your boyfriend behave like?

PS: The fact that your boyfriend supports Manchester United does not mean he is a Manchester United. He can be a Dreams FC. Lol. So beware.

1. Asante Kotoko

Kum apem aa apem b3ba! (Kill a thousand and a thousand shall rise again).

These boyfriends don’t even care. Once you leave, there’s already another on the way.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

2. Hearts Of Oak

Never say die until the bones are rotten.

Don’t even attempt to break up with these boyfriends. They are not going anywhere. Just save your breath, time and effort and stick with them.


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3. Great Olympics

The kind of boyfriend that is adored by all people, even your enemies who think he should deserve better. They have different nicknames everywhere just because they are loved by all.


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4. Berekum Chelsea

These boyfriends have heard of how better some boyfriends are somewhere and want to imitate. However, they can’t get to that level no matter how hard they try.

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5. Dreams FC

They lied a lot before you accepted them to be your boyfriend. Once you find out some of the lies, trust us, you’ll kick him out.

Why You Lying Meme

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6. Leicester City

The boyfriend no one ever gave a chance. They all thought he was out of your league. But he won your heart with hard work and dedication.


7. Manchester United

This boyfriend has a very impressive past. Currently, not very impressive. He’s trying to fix himself though.


8. Chelsea

A boyfriend that expects you to bring something to the table. He’ll dump you when the time is up irrespective of your beauty, behavior and reputation if you don’t meet what he expects of you.



9. Real Madrid

The superfluously rich boyfriend. Unless you don’t ask, he’ll buy for you. Even when you’ve not asked, he will buy for you once it’s the trend everyone is talking about. He go pamper you make you bore.

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10. Liverpool

He has been a very good boyfriend before. Not so much these days but not for the lack of trying. People have massive respect for his previous achievement, though. You just hope that he comes good again.

Respeck meme


11. Manchester City

This is another superfluously rich boyfriend who buys you whatever you want so he can show you off among the big wigs. One problem though, this boyfriend’s wealth comes from someone else like his father, uncle or auntie. Once the person stops giving, you wonder how he will cope because he’s been spoilt.

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12. Atletico Madrid

This is the hard working boyfriend. He does whatever he can to make the relationship work. The rich guys around try to bully him and kick him out but he is doing his best to keep impressing you.

Akua Donkor has guts

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13. Arsenal

The boyfriend who gives hints to propose next year but keeps on postponing year in year out. To be honest, he’s comfortable where he is because his family don’t care whether he marries you or not.




14. Barcelona

Everyone wants to be in your shoes because you have this boyfriend. They are winners, attractive and have the swag all other ladies envy. So the jealous ones just hate.

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