What gift did you receive this Christmas?

This is what most of our fans claimed they received as gifts during Christmas. Quite funny right?

1. A Catapult

Tyre, the one used for shooting birds – Kwadjoe Darko.


2. A Note From The Landlord.

“Merry Christmas boy, don’t forget you owe me ¢300 last month so sum it to the current one you’ll be paying at the end of this month. Thank you. From Jerry (landlord) #sign.” – Haruna Amadu

Are you serious right now?

Photo: Twitter


3. Balloons

Someone actually decided to gift a friend balloons. Only God knows what they were expecting him to use it for, decorate their rooms because they couldn’t afford balloons?

Image: Meme Generator


4. Condoms

If you receive this from a lady, then you should know her intentions, she needs you alive. What were you expecting us to say?


5. Don Simon

This is a common fruit drink enjoyed by all.

fruit drink

Photo: GhanaProvisions


6. Diary

To record your resolutions or what? Maybe so you don’t forget stuff like her birthday and your anniversary.


Photo: WikiHow


7. Flip Flops

Charlewote paaa!!!



8. Adonko Bitters

This is quite better.

adonko bitters

Photo: Twitter


9. Tom Tom Mint Toffee

You receive this as a gift and you don’t know what they are trying to tell you? Keep living in your misery.

tom tom

Photo: FosaSupermarket


10. Rice And Stew

The only common food during Christmas and the only gift we know.

Image: DobbysSignature


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