Image: Stephane De Sakutin/Getty Images

Football is the game of the nation.

Ghanaians love football and will never miss a match. Football also generates some of the hottest arguments in the country.

However, Ghanaians have coined their own football terms which always cracks me up when I hear them.

Below are 6 of the most used local football terms.

1. “Panatik(s)”

This is our own way of saying penalty or penalties.



2. “Ockside” or “Or’side”

This I’m sure this originated from a bad pronunciation due to a heavy accent. Anyway, it means offside.



3. “Information”

Have you heard this popular phrase in any footballing environment, “They are not playing any information”? This simple means the team is not playing any particular formation. Where from the information thing?



4. Tactics/Totals

This is where you juggle the ball on your feet by playing it up and down without letting it touch the ground. We normally count the number of times one is able to do this without the ball touching the ground. I guess that explains the totals bit.



5. Dead ball

It means drop-ball. In our local environment, to dead means to bounce. So you get where the dead ball thing is coming from?



6. “Leferee”

This means referee. I wonder where people come up with these “soccer” words.