These Are The Funniest Nigerian Names You’d Ever See

Photo Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque


Naming is an important part of many Nigerian cultures

Nigerians generally attach a lot of importance to the name that their child bears. However, some people tend to go overboard and give their kids really hilarious names.


@Unkle_Kae on twitter asked people to share the funniest Nigerian names they’ve heard, and the responses were so hilarious that we just had to share!

1. So does the child go with Evidence or Faithfulness as the short form of his name?


2.  Fountain of life


3. Godgift is not even that bad


4. LMAO Signs and wonders!


5. Everlasting. Wawu


6. Understanding what please?


7. Evidence seems quite popular


8. Who can pronounce this one abeg?



9. Fear God o!


10. LMAO. His friend will now start calling him Megabyte since the short form of his name is MB


11. Surveillance. Na camera?


12. God Dey o.


13. LMAO why not Mathematics



14. What’s happening tomorrow?


15. Heavy Yoruba name 


16. This one is serious o. Fresh air ke


17. Praise! Amen!


18. This one sounds like a lie sha


19. Money rules the world o. That child must be rich.


LMAO! What are the funniest Nigerian names you’ve heard?