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This is a major problem among friends. There’s always the accusation of betrayal by females who end up having their men get into relationships with their friends.

This is quite a situation and today we reveal some of the reasons why this happens. You might want to read and guard against it if you’re a woman.

1. They Spend Too Much Time Together

A lot of ladies leave their friends with their men for a long period of time. Their friends are more like assistants to their relationship and are almost everywhere with them. She is so comfortable with her that she doesn’t mind her spending time with her man while she either is out of the house or takes care of other stuff. Your friend and lover, therefore, end up spending more time together, which is a disaster.

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2. You Let Her Do Stuff For Him

Some ladies allow their friends to cook and even wash for their partners. This is a no-no. If you are not in a position to do these things, get professional help or let him do it himself. Under no circumstance must your friend assume the role of taking care of your man. Once you allow this, he gets to see more of the woman in her than you.

Image: Creo

Image: Creo


3. She’s Always With You When You Meet Him

You’re to meet your man at an eatery and you carry along your friend because he knows her. You go to his house with her because you two must go somewhere from there. She’s practically always with you when you meet him. You’re only promoting your friend to him and he’ll end up getting very close and comfortable with her. She’ll eventually become the shoulder to lean on when he has issues.

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4. You Tell Her Everything Between You Two

One mistake a lot of women make is to share every little detail about their relationship with their friends. Once you let your friend in on all the details, they tend to prey on these to their advantage. If you tell her good things about your relationship, she’ll become jealous and might make a move on your man for herself. If you tell her all the bad things, she’ll advise you to leave but the catch is that she might end up going for him.

Photo: Paa Kwasi Photography

Photo: Paa Kwasi Photography


5. She Knows You’re Seeing Another Man

If your friend knows you’re seeing another man and feels your man is good for her, she might make a move on him without thinking about it. You can’t be angry at her too because you’re already cheating on the man. This happens especially when she feels he’s too good for you.




6. She Visits Even When You’re Not Home Or With Him

There are friends who visit their friend’s boyfriend even when she’s not around. This is not right at all. Don’t allow that kind of relationship where she can bust in at your man’s house while you’re not there. Remember, they are both human and seeing too much of each other might excite some feelings in them.



7. She Gets Him Gifts

It’s not a bad thing to have your friend buy gifts for your man once in a while. What you shouldn’t allow however is her getting him stuff all the time. You don’t want to be in competition with your own friend over who showers more love on your man. He’ll end up asking himself questions and getting emotionally attached to her. Of course, when people show us love, we appreciate.

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8. She Always Wants To Know What’s Up With Him

When she wants to know practically everything about your man, that should sound a warning to you. She has her own life and if she doesn’t have a man, she needs to be thinking of other stuff not what your man is up to and what he’s doing. That is not information for him. If you decide to volunteer such information, fine but she can’t be asking about your man like she’s keeping tabs on him.



9. You Share His Sexual Process And Size With Her

Lets not kid ourselves with the, “oh! it’s nothing, just words” thing. When you share your sex life with your friends, chances are, one of them might want to experience it for herself, that’s the truth. You tell them how huge he is, how strong he is and how good he is in bed, so what do you expect? Some will fantasize about it because not everyone will be getting it all good.

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10. Her Relationship Isn’t Going Well Compared To Yours

This comes in combination with one or two points above. She’s in a relationship herself but things aren’t going too well, you keep telling her all the good things about your relationship and how your man treats you. She’s your friend, yes, but she’s also human and might want something like that for herself. Afterall, who doesn’t like a good thing?

Photo: Creo Concepts/GhanaBa

Photo: Creo Concepts/GhanaBa


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