Forget Brushing Your Teeth, Dentist Says KISSING Is Just As Good

While bad breath might make it difficult to find a kissing partner, locking lips with someone else could help improve your oral health, an orthodontist has claimed.

However, not just any quick peck will do with Dr Khaled Kasem saying we should be snogging for four minutes a day in order to encourage the production of saliva which can keep our mouths healthy.

‘The main benefit of kissing is that it produces more saliva in your mouth,’ he said.‘Saliva is important because it helps you chew, taste, swallow, fights germs in your mouth and prevents bad breath – which is definitely ideal when kissing.’

Smooching has previously been linked to numerous benefits due to the levels of serotonin, also called the happiness chemicals, impacting various aspects of our health such as blood pressure.

kissing as good as brushing teeth

But in terms of oral health, a kiss provokes saliva production helping to wash away acid producing bacteria that remain on your teeth after a meal.

An orthodontist recommends that people kiss for minutes a day to improve their oral health . For people unlucky in love chewing sugar-free gum can also provokes increased saliva production.

However, Dr Kasem said another health benefit of kissing was helping the immune system.

‘The exchange of saliva during a kiss encourages the immune system to create more antibodies, which defends your body from infection,’ he said.

He added that obviously those with cold sores, other contagious disease, and existing bad oral hygiene should refrain from such activities.

Dr Kasem also said while he would recommend kissing for four minutes per day to improve oral health he added this was no substitute for regular brushing and flossing.


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