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You might be a teetotaller or trying to quit drinking but your friends always pull you in and because you want to impress them, you succumb.

If you’re facing this kind of situation, then here are 7 excuses you can give to avoid drinking alcohol when out with your friends.

1. Medication.

You can let them know you’re on a medication that prevents you from drinking alcohol, they will understand.

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2. I’m Driving.

You can just let them know you’re driving and will be going home alone so you can’t drink. Don’t say this when you know they know you don’t have a car.

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3. Tastes Bad For Me.

You can also tell them outright that you don’t like the taste of it, they can’t force you.

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4. Don’t Feel The Need To Drink.

It is good to share some few rounds of alcohol with friends but when you notice it won’t be good for you, there is nothing wrong in letting them know you don’t feel for a drink that moment.

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5. Already Had Some.

To cut a long story short you can excuse them by saying you’ve already had enough before stepping out so you’re good.


6. Medical Reasons.

There is no need giving details but if they insist, just let them know it is not good for your health.

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7. Not Tonight.

Just let them know that night is not the night for you.

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