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There was a time when certain English names for girls were very popular in Ghana.

Some of these names were so unique that soe people made unforgettable or often regrettable songs out of them based on their pronunciation or their shortened version. The popularity of these names often led to one classroom to have 3 Christina’s or 4 Joana’s. Imagine the confusion!

Take for example my Christian name Linda (yeah, I bet you didn’t know I was called that) its just like MTN; everywhere you go. But these names I am focusing on here are slowly becoming as extinct as a desktop telephone.

Here are my favourite English names for girls which being used less and less during naming ceremonies in Ghana.

(H/T naaoyooquartey)

1. Agatha

This is a classic name! Almost vintage! We used to pronounce this as Agata (without the h).

2. Belinda

3. Florence

4. Comfort

Short form is Connie and the rascals have a twi pronunciation of this which I cant say here.

5. Cecilia

Often shortened to Cece or Cee,

English Girl Names That Are Almost Extinct In Ghana

6. Dinah

I often imagine cooking oil when I think of this name, don’t know why.

7. Dorothy

Also pronounced Doroty (without the ‘h’ again)

8. Eunice

9. Francisca

10. Felicia

11. Evelyn

12. Esther

13. Genevieve

14. Harriet

15. Jemima

16. Linda

English Girl Names That Are Almost Extinct In Ghana

17. Lorrencia

18. Mary

19. Ophelia

20. Priscilla

21. Portia

22. Rose