There Is No Harm In Masturbating With Your Partner – Sex Coach Dzifa Sweetness

The topic of masturbation is one that is not usually discussed due to the negative perceptions that come along with it.

A lot of people especially in our part of the world frown upon it as it is being considered as an abominable act.

However, popular Ghanaian Sex coach Dzifa Sweetness has other ideas about the controversial issue which seems to be at variance with what is believed by most people.

She has admitted that there are times when masturbation is bad, however, on some occasions, it is good and necessary.

She made this controversial submission during an interview session with Adwen, the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show, ‘In Bed with Adwen’.

She further indicated that are both good and bad types of masturbation but people normally tend to engage in the bad one which has invariably caused people to frown upon the act.

“Having sex with someone you don’t love is very painful so if your partner has travelled for three years, you can video call him so that you don’t have to insert any bottles or other objects to satisfy yourself. Masturbation is a good business between couples”, she said.

Dzifa Sweetness also indicated that most partners resorted to cheating due to the unavailability of their other half hence, if everyone would accept that it is not wrong for couples to masturbate for each other over the phone, there would be no such thing as cheating.



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