Drivers Warned “Sex Before A Long Journey Can Kill You”

A road safety expert, Cecil Gabrah, has warned that drivers who indulge in sexual activities before embarking on long journeys risk losing concentration and can be involved in road accidents.

He says having sex is like going on a marathon, which can make one suffer fatigue and lose control of the steering wheel.

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In an interview with Benjamin Akakpo for the Drive Safe campaign on JoyNews in Accra, Ghana, Mr. Gabrah warned drivers to desist from energy-draining activities before taking long journeys.

“Who suffers from fatigue? Drivers who do not plan their trips; drivers who stay drinking at night; drivers who work overnight; drivers who have sex during their journeys – they are all part of it.

“God created sex. If you are a man [and have sex], you are knocked off and you will be sleepy and that is why immediately after sex, you find the man either snoring. He is tired, he’s run for more than 100 metres so you don’t go and sit behind the steering wheel to drive,” he cautioned.

He advised drivers to avoid setting off for long journeys at dawn because accidents are rife during such hours.

“If you are traveling, sleep early and wake up early but don’t set off early like 4 am, 5 am. You will meet those who did not sleep especially those heavy duty drivers who will not sleep,” he added.


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