Don’t Trust A Boyfriend Who Asks You To Visit When He’s Sick – Relationship Counselor Advice Ladies

Ghanaian Counsellor, Frank Edem Adofoli, has exposed one of the cunning ways men by which men lure women into having sexual intercourse with them.

He has warned women to be on the lookout when their partner, or a man who usually hits on them, demands a visit whenever they claim to be ill.

sick boyfriend

Counsellor Adofoli has charged women to insist that their boyfriends visit the hospital rather than demanding their presence.

To him, female partners are not doctors or nurses.

“A girlfriend is not a nurse, if you are sick, go to the hospital. Asking her to come over is one of your formula for getting her to have sex with you. Your house is not a hospital. #Stopfooling,” The Counsellor wrote on Facebook.

Reacting to the post, some Facebook users have disagreed with the counsellor.

To them having one’s partner around during sickness helps one heal faster.

A handler, Agyei Morrison Jr. in response to the post wrote:

“Sometimes we guys don’t like taking of medicine by ourselves by with their aid and the way they ll approach us, we’re good to go.”

Another, Isaac Agbeko Mawunyegah, preached against sex before marriage.

“If you want her to come help you with house chores and other stuff when you’re handicapped, it’s simple: MARRY HER! Dear wonderful young ladies, don’t let any guy waste your time, your youthful exuberance and future because he isn’t ready to marry yet will be pressuring you with sex and other stuff. Don’t degrade yourself for anyone. If he insists on having sex, trust me he is not the one. He is not a husband. A man who loves you with helps you keep your dignity and respects you enough to wait until you’re married,” he charged.

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