Photo: Yaa_Delay/Instagram

This is Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay.

She’s the producer of Afia Schwarzenegger and Cocoa Brown. She hosts The Delay Show and also the owner of Smooch Boutique and Delay Mackerel and Tomato paste. 

These pictures of her living the life clearly defines who the real boss chick is.

1. Cruising comfortably to victory.

She's my mum💯💞happy saturday

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2. You flex when you’ve got the money.

She's amazing mum💖💗💝🌹God bless her Amen

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3. Beauty knocks when money is in the bag.

Strong Delay💪👑

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4. Boss chick swag.


5. You will be all smiles if you’ve got the money too.

Check the smile out, so lovely💗💞

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6. Stepping out boldly.

You do all 💋

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7. Oh yeah! the real boss chick.


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8. Life is business.


9. She controls the pack.

The Team @afia_schwarzenegger is Still in Action over Years Now! Well done @cocoabrowngh You are a Real Pila to our Generation!

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10. Obviously telling us, life is good, take it easy.


11. Life….

This woman is an innovator.
She brought brings employment to the society, create avenue for talents.
1. She opened two branches of Smooch Boutiques and employed people to manage them.
2. She created Delay Show which created an employment to back room staffs.
3. She Created Afia Schwarzenegger and revealed many talented youths to the society.
4. She brought Delay Mackerel which is the fastest selling mackerel in Ghana now thereby creating employments in soo many ways.
4. Next was Delay tomato Paste which has now silenced all tomato paste in Ghana now.
5. Delay Sardine in vegetable oil which now in the market after its long awaiting has now been welcomed to the with joy.
This woman has brought smiles to many lives of Ghanaians and people living in diaspora.
She has enjoyed happiness and joy. She has also tasted disappointment, hatred, dishonest, rejection, pain and a lot but in all she never gave up. She never turned back kindness,she never rejected being a role model to the society. Her name is Deloris Frimpong Manso. Most Affectionately called #Delay. Cocoa Brown, @virgindelay

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12. Large and in charge.

@Cocoabrowngh nie!! Delay baako p3! Obiaa nni h)….

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