Technology is the greatest thing to ever happen to our generation but in some way, it has also ruined all the fun we used to have growing up.

Here are creative and fun games we need to bring back.

1. Bamboo Knockout.

Gone are the days when we didn’t bother ourselves with firecrackers, we had our own way of developing firecrackers. We got ourselves bamboo sticks, cut a hole through the nodes, then cut a little hole at the rear end, get some gun powder, drop it in the little hole and pour some little water on it and then light it up. The explosion is enough to be heard across a football field.


Photo: TropicalTraveller


2. Spokes Knockout.

We also had another way of creating our own gun with the heads of bicycle spokes. We grab hold of some bicycle spokes head, stick it on a piece of wood, scrape some matches into the head, stick a nail through it, tie a thread to the nail and hit it on a concrete surface. It gives out a loud sound just like a gun.

office sneak out gif



3. Alikoto.

A game we created with a pen top and some Tiger head battery covers.


4. Chaskele.

Chaskele was our version of Baseball. The whole idea was to get a piece of crushed milk tin into a basket guarded by other players. It all starts with everyone throwing their milk tin into the basket from a demarcated area. Those who missed will have their tins kicked as far as possible by those who got it in using sticks.


Photo: DeviantArt


4. Voovoo

Then there was a game we created by piercing two holes in a bottle cap and passing a thread through it and holding the thread at both ends with both hands with the bottle cap in the middle, then we spin the thread around till it’s entangled then we start pulling on it till the cap rotates giving a nice sound. It felt so good you could do it all day.

childhood game

Photo: LouGraminPanama/Blogspot


5. Thread Web.

Then we created nice pieces of art with threads in our hands by passing threads over threads in your hands till you come up with a nice design. Those who were pretty good could create all sort of animals with the thread.

childhood games

Photo: AlysionOrg


6. Paper Planes.

We also created paper planes and allowed the wind to take it wherever it pleases.

Image- Sketch app


7. Alasa.

After eating alasa, the seed of the fruit doesn’t go waste, we created a game for it where we dug a hole and with our fingers tried to knock the seeds into the hole from a distance.


8. Kpitinge.

Kpitinge was the act of trying to skillfully spin a pen with a piece of broomstick at the tip to land on a heap of sand.


9. Matches Gun.

Then we had matches gun, we shape a piece of wood into a gun, strap in some bicycle spooks, get some matches and scrape it into the spooks, tie a nail to a rubber band and pulled from the rear end of the gun till it gets to the tip and then press on the rubber band to shoot.

Shade GIF

Image: Giphy


10. Counters Ball.

Then there was a soccer game we created with bottle caps.

Photo: Twitter


11. Oware

This is a popular game played by both adults and kids but back then, kids couldn’t afford the board and there was no way you could go take your parents own, so we invented our own by creating holes in the ground and playing our version of it with the same rules.

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