This Ghanaian Corporate Trainer Says “University Education Is Not For Everybody”

UK-Based Ghanaian corporate trainer Annabel Mensah-Brown is of the opinion that university education is not meant for everyone.

According to her, individuals can become successful based on talent and work experience over time, once they have set their career targets.

Her comment comes as there is an increased conversation on entrepreneurship from the government and the business world.

Annabel Mensah

Speaking on Starr FM, in Accra, the former Discovery Channel and Fox News Executive Assistant cited herself as an example of being successful without a university education.

She said

“I think university isn’t everything and it is not for everybody, but you have to understand the route you are going to take. If you do not go to the university, I would always say get some work experience.”

According to her, education is great but at times what one wants to do is not related to going to the university.

She used the opportunity to admonish the youth to do a lot of research to know if there is a need to go to the university for what they want to do or not.

Ms Mensah-Brown noted,

“you should do your research and find out the subject you are willing to learn, find out if the university is that route, if not sometimes, the practical experience can actually be better for somebody depending on the learning skills.”

According to Miss Brown, she is set to assist business owners and corporate workers to reach success through her Virtual Assistant Consultancy. She will train business executives and equip them with the needed services to help grow their businesses.

Launching her Virtual Assistant Consultancy, Miss Brown is readying with the Personal Assistant training for personnel who are working as business executive personnel’s assistants and individuals who are passionate about becoming Personal Assistants to personality brands and executives.

Speaking about the training, she said, “an excellent personal assistant is someone who does more than just picking up calls or doing coffee runs. It is someone with grace and fluency in all manner of skills.

An excellent personal assistant knows how to build great professional relationships with their manager, is efficient in time management, and an assertive communicator.”

She added,

“If you want to be an excellent personal assistant, this course is for you. This will provide you with a foundation to all essential skills to be an excellent personal assistant today.”

According to her, the course will benefit participants to have a better understanding of the PA role and the skills needed, learn assertive communication and how to listen well Improve business writing skills.

“And also participants will learn different work and management styles when working with your boss, Improve diary management, scheduling, and time management skills, Better knowledge on scheduling meeting and writing agenda and minutes and Boost productivity with office ergonomics.”


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