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If you’re a Ghanaian kid, tell us, what did your parents get you this Christmas?

You’ll say a lot but back in the day, we could easily predict what we were going to get for Christmas and there wasn’t a lot of options as there are now.

Here are 10 common Christmas gifts our parents brought home every year back in the days.

1. Piccadilly Biscuits

Piccadilly biscuits was so religious we only see it during Christmas and right after that, it disappears.


Photo: LadyAkorfa/Blogspot


2. Soft Drinks (Minerals)

On Christmas eve, one thing you’re likely to see was a crate of Coca-Cola or Fanta hidden neatly in the kitchen awaiting Christmas. These days, there are much more varieties to opt for so the trend has changed.

Coca cola (Coke)

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3. Christmas Shoes

Every child on Christmas day expected to get a shoe from his or her parents. It was a must and failure to do so spells doom because your friends will laugh at you.

shoe hacks



4. Bronya Ataadi3

Then comes the Christmas attire popularly known as Bronya ataadi3. It was usually the “3 sisters” dress for the girls and political suit for the guys. Now kids are rocking designers for Christmas.

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5. Fowl

This was the only time we tasted chicken. No matter how poor you are, there must be chicken in your meal during Christmas.

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6. Toy Guns

Then comes the toy guns we get the opportunity to have only on Christmas day and it always came in two varieties, water gun or the pistol with a rubber stamp bullet.


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7. Balloons

Balloons were mainly for decorations but we get to play with them too.


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8. Christmas Light

Then comes the popular Christmas lights that blink on the door of every home.

Lagos Christmas 4

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9. Fire Crackers

Knockouts and firecrackers were common in every home till it was banned in the country. Even with that, we still have many people still using it.


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10. Fancy Christmas Accessories

Then comes the fancy spectacles and paper hats we all wore for fun.

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