Children Who Watch Cartoons Will Go To Hell – Zambian Pastor

A Zambian female Pastor identified as Zipporah Mushala has made a very hilarious claim concerning children who watch animated movies popularly known as cartoons. The Pastor took to her Facebook page to share a revelation she had from God.

Zipporah revealed that she saw many children in hellfire. According to her, it isn’t about whether children can go to hell due to their young age, it was about if they chose to do wrong despite reaching the age where they know the right things.

In the post, Zipporah indicated that the revelation pointed out that many of the children had ended up in hell because they tried to imitate some of the evil actions portrayed in the animated movies.

“I saw a boy who looked 10 who was there for insulting. He had learnt these insults from what he was watching on Television. I also noticed that he was wearing a shirt that had a demonic drawing of a Spiderman cartoon, but the Lord said there is a spirit in that drawing that controls their behaviour when they wear that,” she said.

Zipporah also went to disclose that God has issued a warning to those who fancy secular TV as it is leading people astray. She noted that it involved all worldly movies including family movies, soap operas, wrestling, worldly cartoons for example like those found on Disney Jnr, JimJam, Nickelodeon, etc, and shows that don’t glorify God.

“Young children also see this makeup from cartoons like Barbie and they want to dress like those cartoons. They want to dress in short skirts and trousers they see in those cartoons. Tell their parents to dress them decently because they are coming to this place! If a child knows right from wrong and does not do right they are coming to this place,” she said.

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