Charlotte Oduro “No Serious Man Will Go For A Woman Because Of Looks”

Founder of Real Woman in Me, Charlotte Oduro, says men who choose to settle down with women mainly because of their physical appearance are not serious about achieving anything worthwhile.

According to her, men who are wise choose to go out with women who can assist them develop their lives and becoming successful in their endeavours.

She pointed out in an interview on Okay FM that beauty is temporary, but a man that has an intelligent woman by his side has a better chance of succeeding. This is because, according to her, such women work hard and not merely in a relationship because of what they can get.

“No serious man would go in for a woman because of looks. Butts and looks lose their attractiveness with time. However, an intelligent woman when married would always contribute to the success of their husbands.”

The self-acclaimed counsellor also commented on the trending issue about claims by some women that their partners force them to go into surgery to “enhance” their bodies. Charlotte Oduro stated that those men should know that their wives will face health consequences.

“Men should desist from forcing women to go in for Brazilian Butt Lift because they want their women to have big buttocks. These things affect the health of women, and some even die through the process.

“Any man who wants a lady with a big butt should go for that right away but not to change natural women to suit their preference,” she added.


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