Many situations and conditions account for hair loss but you probably don’t know.

Some are hereditary, some due to diseases, some due to the treatment of certain ailments etc. Below are some reasons why you could be losing your hair.

1. Hairstyles.

Hairstyles that stretch your hair backwards are not good for you because they cause your hair to recede, affecting your hairline. Some actually cause your hair to break and not make it grow as many believe. So it is not advisable to braid all the time or wear wigs which are sewn into your real hair. Rather, let your hair breathe, apply coconut oil, comb it properly and your hair will grow longer and better.

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2. Over Exercising.

We know you didn’t see this coming but yes! over exercising can cause hair loss. We are not saying you shouldn’t exercise because it is good for mental and physical health but over doing it could be catastrophic for your hair. When you overwork your body without rest for recovery, your body takes energy from other parts of your body such as your hair and this can cause hair loss when it is excessive.

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3. Child Birth.

After delivery, it is likely some women will experience hair loss because of the energy exerted during delivery. This is temporal and will get back to normal after some months so no need to worry.

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4. Malnourished.

When you’re malnourished and not eating properly, you’re likely to lose your hair because your hair relies on vitamins from the food you eat to stay strong and healthy.

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5. A Traumatic Event.

Losing a loved one or getting involved in a tragedy can have a toll on you and this can lead to hair loss. Such traumatic events cause stress which is a common cause of hair loss.

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6. Anaemia.

Anaemia is one thing that causes hair loss. Reason being that when you’re anaemic, your hair which depends on vitamins and nutrients from your blood will not get the right proportion to stay healthy and so you begin to lose your hair.

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7. Certain Medications.

Blood Pressure and hormonal drugs have also been identified as causes of hair loss.

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8. Common Flu Or Fever.

Flu or a fever can cause hair loss because of stress that sends the hair on survival mode. When you’re sick, all your energy goes into fighting the virus or cause of the illness. This, therefore, sends hair on hibernation because it wouldn’t get the nutrients it needs.


9. Autoimmune Disorder.

Your immune system is what keeps you going in this highly infected world and so when you have an autoimmune disorder, every disease can mess up your system and this can affect the energy your hair derives from your body and can cause hair loss.

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10. Some Hair Growth Medications.

Be careful with some of these products on the market that promises hair growth because some can actually make you lose hair at the end of the day. When you buy any hair growth product, watch out for the chemical, minoxidil, if the product contains this chemical, don’t use it.

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11. High Level Of Testosterone.

This is why we say, bald men, have high testosterone. When your testosterone is too high, you’re likely to face hair loss.

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12. Menopause.

A lot of things come with menopause due to a shake-up in your hormonal system and so this can cause hair loss in many women.


13. Lack Of Vitamin B12.

Lack of Vitamin B12 can also cause loss of hair. It’s one important nutrient for healthy hair.



14. Genetics.

According to research, baldness is predominant on the X-Chromosome and so when your uncles or maternal grandparents are baldheaded, the likelihood you will also become baldheaded becomes high. This is based on genetics.



15. Diabetes.

Hair loss could be a sign you’re diabetic and so if you find out you’re losing hair all of a sudden, don’t waste time on hair products to make it grow, it could be an underlying symptom of diabetes so a visit to your doctor will be ideal.


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